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Foldable Helmet for Disaster Prevention! Taiwan Debut~

We exclusively introduces the TOYO SAFETY Japanese patented folding safety helmet Bloom II to protect you and your cherished around you from earthquake disaster!

When emergency, intuitive operation! Transform into a helmet in 1 second!

Press from 2 sides and when you hear a "click" sound, the assembly is complete!!
Intuitive operation, the best protective gear during earthquakes!
Ultra-light 370g; ultra-thin 4.5cm (folded)!
Convenient classroom/office storage, disaster prevention backpack
Head circumference: 52cm~61cm adjustable (suitable for primary school students)
Full body Made in Japan
◆Quality certification
SGS inspection - Passed 
Central Bureau of Standards and Inspection - Passed
TW Product liability insurrance : NT$10Million
◆2014 Excellent Design Award
Japanese invention patent/design patent
The protective cap passed the certification of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
◆It will be launched soon, so stay tuned.
In order to promote the concept of disaster prevention and social service purposes, our company will arrange donations to the eastern primary school for the first shipmet. Discussion available (We will also supply primary and secondary schools in Yilan, Hualien, and Taitung at cost prices in the future)
Product imported from Japan TOYO SAFEYTY

Exclusive Agent: Mitsubo Enterprises / contact: +886. 2.27216396 #102