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Industrial Safety Products
Disposable Dust Mask with and without valve: DS1, DS2
Disposable Dust Mask with and without valve: EN149:2001 FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 (CE certificated)
Disposable Dust Mask with and without valve: P1, P2, P3 (QAS certificated)
Disposable Respirator with and without valve: N95, N99 (NIOSH approved)
4-ply Anti-Bacteria flat type Mask
4-ply Active Carbon flat type Mask
3-ply flat type Mask
Disposable Dust Mask w/aluminium Nose Clip
Soft Dust Mask
Soft Dust Mask with 2pcs. Active Carbon Filter
Disposable Bouffant Cap for Helmet (half-cap type)
* Produced from a sturdy yet soft and light weight non-woven polypropylene material.
* Help keep the helmets more sanitary and absorb sweat from workers.
* Size: Free size
* Weight: about 8g/pc
Diverse Metal Hooks
* Large caliber that is easy to hook
* Easy to handle/operateeven in one hand or with gloves
* Safety locking mechanism
* Plated/electrophoretic deposition
* All of our hookscomply with ICR certification, ANAB standard and JIS standard.