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2017 International Healthcare & Medical Cosmetology Expo

It is MITSUBO's pleasure to see you in 2017 International Healthcare & Medical Cosmetology Expo held in Taipei (Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center) from June 29 to July 2. We show up here every year.
Propolinse mouthwash, the best-selling Japanese propolis mouthwash that MITSUBO solely distributes in Taiwan, is highly rated by consumers. It is generally recognized for its immediately visible cleaning effect, and is so hot sale that MITSUBO always receives feedback from the consumers that Propolinse mouthwash is out of stock no matter on online shops or brick-and-mortar stores. For this reason, MITSUBO specially shows all five types Propolinse mouthwash during the four-day exhibition for consumers to try and to purchase: top-seller original flavor “Propolinse Mouthwash”, cleaning and whitening at the same time “Whitening Mouthwash”, sweet and romantic “Sakura Mouthwash”, super effective specially for smokers “Refresh Mouthwash”, and Japanese style “Macha Mouthwash”. How wonderful it is to have all of them at the same time!

Organic Essence, American leading organic brand that MITSUBO solely distributes in Taiwan, always ranks top and stands out from all the organic competitors. Their USDA organic certified ingredients and lovely echo-friendly paper packaging have consumers' attention and are great for both kinds and adults. MITSUBO picks up the bestseller “Organic Lip balm” and summer’s must-have “Organic Deodorant” for you. You will not want to miss it!

Moreover, MITSUBO is going to be the solely agent of a Korean salon shampoo. This shampoo has unique and innovative formula that has amazing 3D volume-boosting effect and enables hair to stand up from the roots. It has struck a chord since it released to the Korean market and many Korean celebrities are using it. It is estimated extremely high as “magic shampoo” by Korean consumers. This magic shampoo has not been on the shelf in Taiwan, MITSUBO specially takes this exhibition as its debut for you.

During June 29 to July 2, all of the hot items above have special prices for exhibition. Besides, MITSUBO prepares free gift with purchase, poke fun box with gift, etc. We sincerely invite you to have fun with us in booth