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Whipped Shea Butter-Jasmine
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  • Wholesome and intensely moisturizing, this delicately whipped organic treatment is beneficial for your entire body. Containing plentiful doses of essential fatty acids, this vitamin-rich body butter delivers supreme nourishing benefits to skin. Uniquely unlike traditional creams, it doesn't contain chemicals to damage the vital nutrients or water to dilute its potency. Unadulterated, high-powered organic ingredients ideally formulated for dry, damaged or stressed skin.
    We use recyclable materials for our innovative cold packaging system.
  • 57g(2oz)
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    Organic Essence Lip Balm ranked top 3 most popular lip balm on the internet.

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    Column in Liberty Times
  • [Package] The lip balms and jars have a clear outer wrap. Is it plastic?
    Don't worry, we didn't drift to the dark side. It's not plastic. The clear outer wrap is Polylactic Acid (PLA) and is ASTM certified industrially compostable which requires high heat. In your garden it will take many years to go away, but when it does, it will eventually be eaten by the soil bacteria. This should not be confused with oxo-degradable plastic which breaks into tiny bits that never go away. We reluctantly used PLA because our finished goods needed tamper evidence in the marketplace. We have another idea percolating in the background for tamper evidence that is easier and more efficient for composting. We will introducing the new approach later this year. 
    [Package] Are your products delicate to handle?
    It's a very robust package! Put it in your purse or pocket and take it with you.
    As with care for most lip balms and other cream products, don’t leave it in a hot car or any other hot place.
    [Package] It’s a new kind of package. How do I use it?
    Gently squeeze from the bottom of the tube. This will raise the lip balm up about 1/8”. Apply to lips.
    When finished, you can depress with your finger or lip, or leave it raised and put the cap back on.