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Authentic Tea Flower Extract (IITF certified)
Authentic Tea Flower Extract (IITF certified)
  • Product Detail
  • Tea flower (Camellia Sinensis) extract is the fruit (Patent notice of publication 47717135, 5275678) of IITF (International Institute of Tea Flower). End products are in the Japan’s market and have become the popular sellers. Mitsubo is the exclusive agent in Taiwan.
    Clinical experiments have done by Dr. Masayuki Yoshikawa and show the following benefits to human body:
    1) Inhibition effects of glucose level / diabetes prevention
    2) Radical scavenging effect / anti- acidification
    3) Protective effects on gastric mucosa lesions / gastric ulcer prevention
    4) Inhibition effects of lipids absorption      / obesity improvement
    5) Inhibition effects of Allergen 
    Mitsubo is working on promotion of end products and we wish to introduce the fine supplement to Taiwan’s consumers. End products are coming soon and they are expected to lead the next consuming waves. Tea flower extract can be added and applied to make-up and food supplement such as food, drink, healthy supplement, tablet, capsule, and so on. 
    Besides, we are working on overseas markets on the other hand.